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Seaport Wetlands
(aka Cargill Salt Pond Property)

At a June 2006 Planning Commission meeting, the Friends of Redwood City presented their vision of a great future for the Seaport Wetlands. This vision describes how opportunities at the Bayfront can enhance the quality of life for Redwood City residents. These are highlights of that presentation.

Our Vision:

  • Create 25 to 30 acres of Community Park, including playing fields, picnicking and parking.
  • Improve passive recreation and Open Space opportunities, including trails, interpretive features and viewing areas.
  • Expand wildlife habitat and connect with adjacent wildlife refuge.
  • Improve Flood Protection for Friendly Acres neighborhood.
  • Allow incidental Commercial Uses to support park patrons

Function of Open Space
(As defined in 1990 General Plan)

  • Conserving natural resources and supplying wildlife habitats
  • Managing production of resources
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Public health and safety

The Bayfront
Critical to achieving goals of Open Space and Conservation Element

Opportunities… Natural Resources & Wildlife

  • Northernmost opportunity for connectivity on peninsula
  • Can uniquely provide contiguous wildlife habitat from Redwood Shores to USFWS Refuge in Menlo Park

Opportunities… Distribution of Resources

  • Port and Industrial activities remain important component
  • Activities unique to Redwood City on Peninsula

Opportunities… Public Health & Safety
Wetlands adjacent to Seaport Boulevard

  • Manage flooding in neighborhoods east of 101
  • 200 acres of wetland sufficient to provide capacity estimated by city engineers (430 acre-feet)
  • While providing wildlife habitat and public recreation

Save Seaport Wetlands

  • Help us inform the city by letting them know what we think of this proposal.
If you have information that would be pertinent here, please email us.
Save Seaport Wetlands! Brochure
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See a short video on Salt Pond Habitat restoration

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