Speak Up To Save Seaport Wetlands

We are currently leading the effort of local residents, conservation groups, and concerned citizens throughout the region to bring attention to the threat facing the wetlands along Seaport Blvd, at the foot of Woodside Road near Highway 101. Our campaign seeks to encourage local government decision-makers to protect this resource from the threat of development.

We are offering this survey to collect the thoughts and opinions of concerned individuals and organizations to be presented to City Council as they formulate the next General Plan for Redwood City. Please feel free to contact Council directly at the addresses and phone number below, or fill out the form below and we'll present it to them as part of our collective effort.

You information is private and only shared with Redwood City Council and staff. Please fill out all fields so that we may verify the authenticity of your comments.

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We will also be conducting ongoing Issues Forums at which you can have your voice heard on issues of concern to you and to gain insight on. For details, please return to this page, or send email our way.



Will we preserve our precious shoreline, or pave it over?

Contact Our City Council

By postal mail:
PO Box 391, 1017 Middlefield Rd.
Redwood City, CA 94064


Phone 650.780.7220
Fax 650.261.9102



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