Resources and Documentation

The Ballot Arguments
The Argument for Measure Q
The Argument Against Measure Q
Rebuttal to Argument for Measure Q
Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure Q

Official Documents
Read the Environmental Impact Report
Read the Precise Plan, June 2004
Read the City's Staff Report, March 2004
No On Q Financial Report
Yes on Q Spending Report

Other Organizations
San Mateo County Voting Headquarters (
League of Women Voters'
San Carlos Airport Impact

Community Involvement
No-on-Q Weblog
Print your own signs and literature:
Informational Brochure (10Mb PDF)
Yard or window sign (148k PDF)
(676k PDF)
Postcard 1: Not about Housing (coming soon)
Postcard 2: Not about Open Space (112k PDF)

Special Documents
The TRUTH Grid clears up the confusion
"Distance from Transit" Illustration
Aerial Site Photography

Tower Shadows Illustration (from EIR)
How They Would Look (from EIR)
Wrong Project, Wrong Place, Wrong Reasons (Op-Ed)
Letter from Ralph Nobles (en Espanol)

View Our Slideshow
Slideshow in MS Powerpoint
Letters to the Editor
Read some of the letters that have been written--and write your own!
Letter from Lynne Trulio
Letter from Kevin Germano
Letter from Laureen Carrillo
Letter from Greg Sargent

Letter from Marge Parkhurst
Letter from Robert Gelman
Letter from James Kelly
Letter from Charleen Bunjiovianna
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