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Redwood City: Every Vote Will Count on Measure Q

Published Thursday, October 28, 2004

So far, the Yes on Q campaign has collected $956,479, all of it from two developers, the Pauls Corporation of Denver and Glenborough Realty Trust of San Mateo, through their joint venture, Glenborough-Pauls LLC. With this money they have filled your mailboxes and your recycling bins with glossy and misleading literature ($144,187), called you at home ($34,073) hired several campaign consultants ($144,187), filled the TV with scare ads ($279,734) and boosted the local newspapersı ad revenue ($42,145). Only $55,000 of this was spent with businesses located in Redwood City. They have splurged nearly $1million on a blizzard of misinformation and outright lies in an attempt to get Redwood Cityıs voters to approve the zoning changes they need to make an estimated $200 million in pure profit. Then they will go back to Denver and to San Mateo while the rest of us live with the consequences forever.

The volunteers of NO ON Q all live in Redwood City. We have collected just over $68,367 from over 200 individual donors. We have received only nine contributions of $1,000 or more. The largest is $15,000 from the retired publisher of Sunset Magazine who is concerned with the impacts of skyscrapers on the Bay front. The most common size donation is $50. Only half the donors have given more than $50. Our campaign financing statement is available on our web site at

The NO ON Q campaign is the over 200 volunteers who have spent evenings and weekends producing and mailing 120,000 pieces of content-filled literature, delivering 1,000 yard signs to people who requested them and building a web site with links to all the Cityıs official documents. In all of our communications, we have included pictures of the development that show its true height and density. We have quoted only the Cityıs official documents, among them the EIR, the Precise Plan and the City Staff Report. We, your neighbors, have run a completely transparent campaign. We invite you to visit to read the official documents and to decide for yourselves.

Hereıs what the Cityıs own documents say. If the zoning changes are approved:

  • Glenborough-Pauls can build seventeen skyscrapers up to 240 feet tall. This is three times the current height limit and 2.5 times as tall as the county jail.
  • Redwood City will have more skyscrapers of this height than San Jose or Sacramento.
  • Marina Shores will increase the currently zoned density by 47%.
  • Marina Shores will add 14,000 new car trips per day, creating gridlock for 10 miles on Hwy 101 and spilling gridlock onto Whipple, Woodside and the approach to the Dumbarton Bridge.
  • Marina Shores will use our limited water supply for a development that is 85% luxury condos.
  • The recycled water project, at full build-out, will not cover the additional water used by this project.
  • There will be no water for smart-growth, family-oriented housing downtown.

Hereıs what Glenborough-Pauls cannot do:
They cannot build ³big box² retail on the site without the approval of the Planning Commission and the City Council. But make no mistake, the people of Redwood City are paying attention and will not accept any proposal that we feel is inappropriate for our community.

The San Mateo County Times claims that skyscrapers are the ³Š Future of County Development.² We disagree. There are other ways to meet Redwood Cityıs housing needs without all of the negative impacts. Yet a market research firm is already conducting focus groups about whether a development like Marina Shores would be acceptable on Cargillıs 1,400 acres of salt ponds adjacent to Seaport Blvd. Voting NO ON Q may be just the first opportunity to weigh in about the future of development on the Redwood Cityıs Bay front.

After spending nearly a million dollars trying to persuade the people of Redwood City, the developers are now trying to scare and bully us. In an effort to distract from the facts, they are slandering your neighbors ­ the teachers, nurses, police officers, community leaders and seniors who placed Measure Q on the ballot, to give all the people of our City a chance to vote on this important issue. The developer is willing to malign the people of this community and spend almost $100 per vote to push Measure Q through.

Ralph Nobles reminds us that Bair Island was saved in 1982 by just 42 votes. Your vote counts. Vote for responsible growth. Vote NO on Measure Q.

Kathy Conte
Redwood City

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