The Issues
Here are just a few of the negative effects this "Dumb Growth" project will have on Redwood City (as stated in the official project documents-actual text linked in BLUE). For more detail, see the Truth Grid.

  • Highway 101 Gridlock - 14,000 new auto trips per day
  • Snarled intersections on Woodside, Whipple & Veterans Blvd.
  • 17 unsolvable impacts even after expensive mitigations (SR pg. 3)

  • Redwood City already exceeds its allotment by 10%
  • Uses precious water for new luxury units
  • City cannot guarantee Marina Shores water supply (SR pg. 17, EIR 10-5)

  • High-rise condominiums are not family-friendly
  • Only 10% (193) of the 1,930 units are priced as "affordable" and those require a family of three to have an annual income of $109,800
  • Conflicts with our Downtown Plan and Housing Element - 85% high-income unit (SR pg. 20)

  • Fills 11.5 acres of wetlands (EIR pg. 2-54)
  • Destroys views from Bair Island Wildlife Refuge to Edgewood Park
  • Eliminates Fish Habitat
  • Collision danger for birds
  • In path of arriving and departing flights from San Carlos Airport

Don't Be Fooled!
Measure Q is not about parks - the little parkland is intended for project residents

It's not about marinas - they're also for project residents only

And it's not about open space - most of the open space is private marinas

Measure Q is about changing the law so that this developer can build 17 skyscrapers full of luxury condos on Redwood City's Bay Front.


Please DO think it through!
You'll find this the wrong project, in the wrong place, being promoted to us for the wrong reasons.

A Vote of "NO" on Q is a vote for responsible growth.


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