Supporters of Measure Q Are Hoping You Won't Look At The
Official Documents

With Millions of Profit-Dollars at Stake...

...the Marina Shores developer is willing to spend as much as it takes to overwhelm you with mailers, TV spots, planted articles and purchased endorsements. They are counting on most of us to be too busy or not interested in learning the truth for ourselves--by looking up the official Marina Shores project documents.

If they are right, they may win, since they have outspent our grassroots campaign 14-to-1. They have nothing to lose by lying to you. They have hundreds of millions to gain by doing so.

No On Q Financial Report

Yes on Q Spending Report

Quality of life in Redwood City is what we are fighting for

We are counting on you to be interested in knowing the truth about this proposed project, why it has gotten this far, and how it would impact your quality of life.

If you take the time to confirm the points that are of concern to you, whether the increased traffic, drain on water supply, or affordable housing , you'll see clearly that this development is wrong for Redwood City. Our Truth Grid addresses the false claims and links directly to quotes from the official documents of the project.

We've done our best to make it easy for you to research the answers on this site, but here are links to the documents which also appear on the City's website.

A "NO" Vote on Measure "Q" Tells City Council You Support Responsible Growth.
Q is simply a question as to whether to change the zoning of the project site from 75-foot height limits to 240-foot height limits.

When you vote NO and help defeat Measure Q, the developer will have to submit a revised plan to build within the limits in place when the land was purchased. A responsible plan will give us REAL housing, parks, open-space, and fund city coffers without destroying the character of our community. We support that, and hope you will too.

November 2 -- VOTE NO on Measure Q


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