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"Deceptive politicians advocating the many benefits of overdevelopment can mean only one thing: They must be on the take." Letter in Redwood City Independent

Save The Bay & Sequoia Audubon
Oppose Measure Q

They conclude: "This development poses significant impacts to habitat and wildlife at Bair Island, the Bay and its shoreline."

Lighten Up!
Cartoon Satire
The Ballad of Marina Shores

"What Do They Have Against Kids?" asks James Kelly, as he questions the motives of our City Council in trading open bayfont for luxury residential towers. More...

Take a Look at our newspaper ad.

Aerial Site Photography...
See how the site is inappropriate for this kind of development.

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Pete's Harbor would look like this!



Don't Forget to Vote this Tuesday November 2

Redwood City
Residents Are Saying:

"Stop Skyscraper Shores!"
(Marina Shores Village)
It's about changing our zoning laws to allow up seventeen skyscrapers on the bayfront (up to 240-ft) and benefit the developer who has paid nearly $1 million to fight our grassroots truth campaign.

Vote NO on increased traffic!
Over 14,000 additional daily car trips will bring traffic to a halt along Highway 101, and impact Whipple Ave., Woodside Rd. and Veteran's Blvd...

Vote NO on squandering our water supply!
The City cannot even guarantee that enough water will be available for the project; Redwood City is already 10% over its water allotment...

Vote NO on sacrificing the character of the community!
Seventeen skyscrapers up to 240 feet tall (current zoning allows 75 feet) will destroy the nature of the waterfront and invaluable bay views...

Vote NO on wildlife mortality!
Building high-rises adjacent to Bair Island Wildlife Refuge will cause mortality to untold numbers of migrating and resident birds due to building strikes...

The Problem is the Scale
The extreme density and building height of this project will cause a record-setting 23 unsolvable environmental problems for our city and the peninsula. A better way is to build housing that complies with current zoning and doesn't overwhelm our bayfront and already crowded freeway and streets.

This project uses up our precious water supply for 1,737 high-income luxury condominiums built on an isolated peninsula. A better way is to implement our city's Housing Element which calls for affordable family housing near downtown and public transit. A NO vote on Measure Q is a vote for responsible growth.

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During this last week before the election, we have gotten word of unethical practices by our opponents, desperate to distract you from the issues of this measure. If you see or hear any questionable practices, please contact us here.

All our claims are based on official city and project documents. See for yourself on the "Truth Grid.

Why are leaders like Anna Eshoo on the developer's literature? See how much they contributed to her campaign.
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In case you missed the broadcast, get the heart of the story in this brief Quicktime movie.

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On this web site, you can learn about the impact of the proposed project, read the Environmental Impact Report, get the latest news on the issue, and volunteer to help this grass-roots community effort. You may also make an online donation to support the campaign. Get involved!


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