About Us

Our Track Record
"Friends of Redwood City" was formed in 1982 by a group of citizens concerned about the City Council's approval for development at what is now Bair Island National Wildlife Refuge. In that year, citizens overturned City Council's decision in a voter-led referendum (Measure "O" - the first referendum in city history).

Twenty-two years later, in 2004, members of FORC along with other citizens founded "People for Housing Not High Rises" in response to a City council approved skyscraper development on the bayfront adjacent to Bair Island.

Our petition and subsequent voter referendum (No on Measure Q) allowed voters to once again overturn a City Council decision that would have resulted in unacceptable environmental impact to the city and the region.

Both City Council decisions were overturned for similar reasons: traffic congestion, water supply and environmental concerns.

Since that victory, our focus has expanded to other areas of planning for the city, supporting "smart growth" (urban in-fill, near shopping and transit), a solid plan to develop our downtown, and ways to improve the dialogue between residents, businesses, and Council.

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Our Mission

"Friends of Redwood City" is a group of concerned citizens acting together to protect and enhance the quality of life and environmental resources in Redwood City and our region.

Our Values & Methods

  • Citizen involvement in key government decision-making
  • Seeking balance and rationality in community discourse
  • Effect positive change through education and democratic processes


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